«Why we at Implant Clinic can give you your smile»

«We can make you laugh again»

By combining the high professional training of the Imlpant clinic medical team, with Dr. Dimitris Zambaras’ lead, multiannual experience, know-how using the most recent technological developments, we can offer top-level dental services throughout the family.

Given that implant placement provides the patient with a definitive solution, long-term support is essential, and we are able to provide it with you.

See Occasional cases (quite difficult many times), proving the impressive change before and after …

The overall treatment of the dental patient is necessary for a good result and is a basic principle of our practice. We recognize that for many patients the prospect of any dental treatment can be discouraging. Our goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where the close relationship with your dentist combined with the very modern equipment and high dental techniques of the medical team will result in the best possible result for you.

Contact us, book an appointment to look at your case and we are sure to find the solution that will change your life that will bring the smile back to your lips.

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